What does Steer Health do?

We help healthcare organizations engage in real-time, personalized conversations with the right patients at the right time, so they can build trust, reduce costs and accelerate their growth

How we do it

We’re living in a consumer-centric world, where healthcare organizations need to connect with customers on their terms. Our AI fueled Conversation Digital Health Platform helps them do just that. We connect healthcare organization with patients in real-time via chat, video, voice, or email to help build trust, grow their practice  and accelerate revenue.

Steer is for the Curious, the Determined, the Creators, and the Problem Solvers

At Steer Health, we’re bringing human back. We transformed the way healthcare organizations connect with their customers and address their needs in a fraction of time. The medical growth products we build here help our busy healthcare staff serve their patients in a way that is refreshingly frictionless. We’re solving real business problems and creating tangible impact on our customers’ bottom line.

Steer Health remote telemedicine system and EHR solutions
Virtual Care Platform

We deepen with design

Strong patient relationships are more important than ever, but the scale and nature of busy healthcare organizations means it’s harder than ever to create personal connections with patients.

We empower with people

We believe businesses can grow with a conscience, and succeed with a soul.

We believe in helping our healthcare organizations survive and thrive in a world that’s more competitive than ever—all through the help of enriching trusted provider-patient relationships.
It’s why we a leading medical software vendor created the Steer Health Platform to help our healthcare providers deliver smoother experiences. If you’re looking to automate your communications platform, amplify staff productivity and grow, and have a really great time doing it – let’s talk! 

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