Attract More Patients, Achieve Better Outcomes and Improve Your Profitability

Enable a seamless experience across the entire patient care continuum, from acquisition and onboarding, through engagement and retention.

Attract new patients, engage existing patients, and reactivate lost patients with an innovative Conversational Platform that drives additional revenue to your practice and improved patients outcomes

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Step 1

We simplify online scheduling that your patients want!

No matter where you patients are or how busy their  life gets, we make it easy for them with our conversational chat platform to schedule appointments online at a time that works with your schedule. 

Step 2

We make OnDemand Televisits easy and elevate access to care

We make it quick and easy to sign up and start talking to a doctor to get treated right away – via ER visit, Urgent Care, Specialty Referrals, etc. For patients with chronic conditions, we enable them to enroll into eligible non-face-to-face programs

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Steer Health Virtual Care Platform

Step 3

Our interactive inbound campaigns delivers results with over 79% efficiency

It’s no secret that it costs significantly less to retain an existing patient than to acquire a new one. Patient Outcomes Delivered by Steer Health has pre-built, professional SMS marketing templates can help you bring back current patients for routine care and recommended services, and even reactive lost patients who are long overdue for their next visit and thus helps you to improve overall patient outcomes.

Step 4

Pro-active caregap reminders & automation that grows your practice

The majority of medical practices generate more than half of their annual revenue from repeat patients with our electronic patient record solution. Automated marketing can help keep your patients coming back for more.

Deliver OnDemand TeleMedicine

Steer Conversational Platform enables you to deliver enhanced care access resulting in higher patient satisfaction and optimized utilization

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Urgent Medical Issues

EHR platform & integration

Remote Patient Monitoring

Patient outcomes system

Care Adherence

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