Steer amplifies and improves care access with its AI fueled Care routing protocols

Our easy-to-use system is designed to route patients based on their needs, support improved clinical outcomes and to be highly profitable with minimal upfront risk. 

When life happens, Steer reminds patients of care pathways, and captures outcome data. Steer helps your patients stay on track with a plan that constantly adapts to your needs.

On average, 95% of Steer supported patients were satisfied with our TeleHealth programs

improve care access


Patients have access to personalized virtual support system 24/7

Our system makes it easy for patients to connect with your interdisciplinary teams. From rashes to colds, stress management to diabetes management. Enable your medical and mental health providers work together, keeping the patient’s personal journey protected and connected.


Provide easy tools to your patients who are sick and need urgent care. Extend your reach to SNFs, Home Health and Assisted Living Facilities.

Integrated OnDemand Telemedicine makes our triage management a breeze. Result – Happy Patients and Happy Doctors with our improved electronic patient reported outcome measures (PROMs) add improved care access.

improve care access
OnDemand Telemedicine for Hospitals

Step 3

Medical providers have remote visibility of longitudinal care data and can make clinical adjustments based on the trending health

Our AI fueled platform will send daily reminders and also nudge patients to follow their individualized care pathways – that is personalized for each patient with our Patient Reported Outcome Measures.

Step 4

Providers are able to login securely and take TeleMedicine Calls whereever they are in a secure manner

Simple, easy to use telemedicine tools for busy healthcare professionals

improve care access

We empower your organization to unify all silos - leading to better care access to patients

Electronic Patient Record

Care Pathways set for each patient

EHR platform & integration

Care adherence tracking

Patient outcomes system

Sense events and respond with personalized outreach

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