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Win and Retain Patients

Engage more efficiently. Build lifelong trusted relationships. All with delightful experiences and efficient care.


Combine exceptional care with an exceptional patient experience

Patients are the lifeblood of your organization. Patient Experience products streamline every patient communication moment to make care delivery uniquely frictionless for both patient and your healthcare organization. From scheduling to payments, and everything in between, allow your patients to be more engaged and proactive in their ongoing care. Build lasting relationships between providers and patients beyond their visits.

Reduce Phone Tagging With

Simplified Communication Tools

Eliminate tedious tasks, hours of making phone calls, and reduce costs through Steer AI automation such as patient reminders, automated waitlists for cancellations sent via Voice, SMS and Email modalities.
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Reduce burden on call center

Reduce Burden on Call Centers

Reduce inbound phone calls by 60%

Reduce inbound phone calls by 60% through automation of existing patient requests 24/7 using Steer AI’s Virtual Voice system fully integrated with your EHR

Improve Care Access

OnDemand Telemedicine

Conduct quality virtual visits easily, wherever your patients are located. Steer telemedicine is secure and 100 percent HIPAA-compliant, easy to set up and use, and integrated with Steer’s online scheduling, appointment notification, and reputation management.

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Digital payements

Improve Cashflow

Digital Payments

Automate copay, deductible and patient balances collections prior or after patient visits fully integrated with your RCM solution.

Delight Your Customers 24/7

Patient Self-Service

A safe and secure way to share medical records, schedule appointments, communicate with staff, request prescription renewals, and make payments.
Patient self service

Eliminate Paper Check-ins with


Give your patients an easier way to register: online, on their time, from any device. It’s fast, convenient, and easy to use — for patients and your front desk.


Achieve a Much More Streamlined Operation With
Steer Health EMR Integrations

Steer offers integration with the most widely used EMRs in healthcare

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Clients have reported at least 60% reduction in inbound call voumes using Steer AI Virtual Voice Assistant


Ratings patients and staff gave for Steer's intake/eRegistration patient experience


Reduction in phone wait times based on our 2WaySMS and Steer Voice Assistant usage in a 5 provider practice

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Built Specifically To Alleviate Staff Burden​

We exist to serve the needs of you and your staff.


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Our end-to-end patient experience allows us to build relationships and deliver best digital experience.


Leverage Data To
Optimize Outcomes

Our full stack AI and data insights gives you the tools to drive better outcomes.

"Steer's commitment to customer care has exceeded our expectation, and by deploying their recommended best-practice strategies we have triped our online appointment requests!

Alondra C Pracice Administrator

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