The #1 Clinical Patient Management System and Conversational Chat Platform Proven to Engage Patients and Automate Complex Workflows


Steer Patient Management System brings together multiple layers of data to personalize patient virtual check-ins and engage them with an individualized experience, and gives your team the context they need to be more productive and eliminate phone tagging

Our Conversational Chat Platform enhance every digital touchpoint along the patient journey LEADING TO better outcomes and SUSTAINABLE profitability

Patient Communication Platform Product

Real-time Conversations

Boost patient appointments, reduce no-shows and increase patient satisfaction ratings

Virtual Telemedicine for Hospitals

Digital Front Door

Improve office productivity with our EHR integrated intake. 2-way SMS/Live Chat and patient surveys

Virtual telemedicine Product

On Demand Virtual Care Consults

Deliver Virtual Care via OnDemand consults 24/7

Online Healthcare Product

Reputation Management

Simplified approach to collect patient feedback with integrated Google reviews

Virtual waiting room

Attract More Patients

With our easy online booking available across the web, visitors convert into patients anywhere they find you. And when we integrate with your scheduling system, patients see your availability in real-time, for greater ease and convenience.

Online scheduling

Offer immediate, 24/7 online appointment booking, anywhere patients find your practice.

Scheduling can be configured for multiple providers, locations, and appointment reasons.

Attract new patients, drive patient retention, and reduce administrative burden for staff.

Improve Care Access

Offer virtual care to your patients with our quick and easy telehealth solution. It’s a secure and 100% HIPAA-compliant way to deliver quality care virtually with robust tools to streamline your workflows. Start managing your exam room from anywhere in the world.


Steer Telehealth is an easy-to-use, secure, and 100% HIPAA-compliant way to deliver quality care virtually. Experience the convenience of being able to treat patients from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Waiting Room & Integrated CheckIn – Be notified via text as patients enter your virtual waiting room so you know when to join the appointment.

Telemedicine allows patients to have access to your practice no matter how far away they are. Patients can simply book a telehealth appointment from your website and receive quality care in their own home.

Patient Management System
Steer Health patient management system

Automate Front Office

Communicate with your patients using the method they prefer the most. You’ll be able to send and receive 2-way SMS messages with your patients and free up your phone lines. Your front desk can spend less time on making phone calls and leaving voicemails, and more time on critical tasks.

Ninety one percent of patients prefer text messaging as their primary communication channel with providers. Reduce hold times and let your patients text you instead. You’ll have happier patients and more time to focus on things that matter most.

Get 2-way SMS with Steer and send and receive texts straight from your Practice Portal. Your patients will love communicating with your practice via text and it’ll free up your phone lines.

Communicate with patients with their preferred method.

Automation with a human touch

Our conversational chat platform and Patient Management System help your team automate tasks and create a better experience for patients.  It’s easy to customize, build, and extend communication at a rapid pace.

A human-first approach to
healthcare communication.

Rapid iteration

We release hundreds of features and improvements each year to help you stay on the cutting edge.


From encryption to third-party testing, we operate a top-level security program that goes far beyond HIPAA-compliance.

Battle-teset reliability

Our systems operate at 99.9%+ uptime with high scalability and redundancy to meet mission critical demand.

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