All-In-One Growth Platform Proven to Scale Clinical and Financial Outcomes

Steer Health modernizes your organization to deliver a personalized and automated digital patient communication experience that’s convenient for them and efficient for you. Our AI fueled Conversational Platform results in more patient volume, higher profitability, effective patient communication and happier staff and providers.

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Doctors love Steer Health because...

Steer amplifies your practice presence online and boost staff productivity while bringing joy to everyone involved!

Doctors love Steer Health because...

Steer amplifies your practice presence online and boost staff productivity while bringing joy to everyone involved!

Attract better, Retain longer & Grow faster

Healthcare consumers want the same 24/7 support they get from other businesses.

Give them personalized, & always-on support with Steer Health

Online Scheduling

77% of patients think self-scheduling is important. Make it easy for them to book their appointments online via their mobile devices.

online scheduling steer health

Referral Automation

Reduce phone tagging, improve referrals while saving staff time via automating referral workflow end-to-end
referral automation

Appointment Reminders

Our Voice, Email and SMS appointment reminders reduce no-show rates by almost 63%. Customize and send yours automatically, including any necessary pre-visit instructions.
appointment reminders steer health

Patient intake

Allow patients to conveniently check in for their appointments from the privacy and safety of their own device, no matter where they are. They can complete their registration at home, in their car, in your office or from your organization’s mobile app.
patient intake


Collect copays and deductibles in a streamlined and standard manner and improve your cashflow by 15% on patient payments.
payments steer health


67% of first-time patients don’t come back due to lack of pro-active care gap follow-ups. Keep them engaged via our personalized campaigns by sending relevant care instructions and patient recalls
healthcare interactive campaigns

Improve Online Reputation

94% of patients use online reviews to choose a new doctor. Automate patient reviews and improve online reputation by over 60% in
improve online reputation management for doctors

Focus on your patient, grow your business.


Attract More Patients

Grow revenue with confidence

Obtain 2-3x more bookings with always-on conversational chatbots, smart triages, referral automation, integrated ER and hospital discharges

• Average of +121% new online appointments/referrals YoY

96% Patient Satisfaction

Patient management system USA
Patient Communication Platform USA


Save time and money by performing repetitive, routine tasks at a quicker pace

Steer lightens the workload while doing some heavy lifting for your business. Our AI fueled conversational platform  automates repetitive tasks such as eligibility checks, referrals, payments and patient intake. Built-in shared inboxes make collaboration effortless, even with teams working far apart. 

Save staff more time by > 60% with Steer

Reduce No Shows up to 82%


Expand your reach and grow your revenue with Patient Communication Platform

Steer’s market-leading Growth Conversational Platform helps you scale your teams while driving more revenue, no additional headcount is needed. We deliver an ideal experience for existing patients and prospects alike, every minute of every day – while also helping amplify your staff productivity. Our On-Demand Telemedicine is tailored to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

patient management system - patient coommunication
patient doctor communication platform online


virtual care patient doctor platform


Dedicated To Your Success

Check out our set of awesome capabilities to amplify your organizations’s productivity and improve patient communication. We are the industry leaders in providing secure conversational platform delivering an ideal experience to your patients!

Conversational Chatbots

Enable patient scheduling requests on a 24/7 basis fueled by AI driven scheduling

Inbound Campaigns

Retain your patients with  integrated smart campaigns while reducing care gaps and improving outcomes

OnDemand Telemedicine

Deliver care on your own terms – anywhere anytime using our secure platform

Live Chat & 2 Way SMS

Easen the burden on your staff and enable to omni-channel tools including Live Chat and 2-Way SMS

Websites & SEO

We design and enrich your web presence – scale up your brand by improving Search Engine Optimization and integrated Physician profiles

Virtual Preventative Care

Deliver routine wellness screenings via conversational chatbots

Trusted by over 2.1M+ Patients

We’ve been trusted and used by some of the top healthcare organizations

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Online Appointments



Seamless integration of data from the intake forms to your EMR system. Steer’s EMR integrations allow clinicians to maintain existing workflows by integrating telehealth into Electronic Health Records.

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Solution built with your specialty in mind

We offer custom-tailored solutions designed specifically for your specialty
  • Allergy & Asthma
  • Audiology
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • ENT
  • Gastroenterology
  • General Medicine
  • Family Medicine
  • OB-GYN / Midwifery
  • Ophthalmology / Vision
  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Osteopathic
  • Pediatric
  • Podiatry

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