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Maximize lead generation efficiency with better automation, data, integrated EHR scheduling and intelligence. How? With Steer automation powered by AI


Grow Your Online Presence, Attract More Patients and Optimize For Ease of Doing Business

For your prospects, their first connection is most likely your online presence. Your website design should show who you are as a business and why someone should use you. Steer offers the most optimized online web presence and user experience to convey your brand story and provides them self service tools to schedule or book appointments.


Modernize Web Presence

Convert more site visitors into patients with a healthcare-optimized website customized to your specialty, including mobile-responsive design, service-focused pages, HTTPS security, and expert SEO.
Modernize Web Presence
Search engine marketing


Search engine marketing

We make it easier for patients to find your practice by optimizing your online profiles across search engines, maps, and high-visibility healthcare and local directories.


Care Access

Delight new patients and drive new business online with immediate, 24/7 online EHR integrated online scheduling for all care settings from primary care, specialty care, urgent care and ED settings. Anytime, anywhere with smart reminders and automated slot management.
Care Access

Maximize Value

Advertising and Smart Outreach

Grow your new patient volume and online audience with a steady stream of digital ads and automated campaigns that engage patients beyond appointments. Improve your profiles, share useful content, and promote your business with our advertising and growth experts.

Achieve a Much More Streamlined Operation With
Steer Health EMR Integrations

Steer offers integration with the most widely used EMRs in healthcare

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Increase in online Appointment and Referrals

Average of +261% new online appointments/referrals YoY


100% of our customers show up in TOP-5 listings in Google Local Search results on Key word search in under 6 months


Patients respond to our interactive and highly engaging campaigns resulting in closing care gaps and better outcomes

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Built Specifically To Alleviate Staff Burden

We exist to serve the needs of you and your staff.


Foster Patient

Our end-to-end patient experience allows us to build relationships and deliver best digital experience.


Leverage Data To
Optimize Outcomes

Our full stack AI and data insights gives you the tools to drive better outcomes.​

"Steer's commitment to customer care has exceeded our expectation, and by deploying their recommended best-practice strategies we have triped our online appointment requests!

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