Grow your referrals with Steer Health

We customize referral workflows. That’s why specialty practices across the country are choosing Steer Health. Whether it’s automating referrals for follow-ups, or following up post-procedures, we’ve got your patient access and communication needs covered.

  • Increase referral conversion by up to 70%
  • Decrease no-shows by up to 82%
  • Save 4,928 staff hours a year for a 5 provider practice

This is Steer Health Referral Management System: we deliver the technology you and your patients will love

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increase in referral to appointments ratio
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reduction in staff time with phone tagging for referral scheduling
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increase in patient scheduling experience

All-In-One Virtual Care Platform for Specialists To Improve Patient Outcomes and Increase Profitability

Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring in one virtual care solution that amplifies digital touchpoints along the patient journey.

We Automate Referral Management

Steer referral management system eliminates manual referral processing, resulting in about a 60 percent increase in scheduled referrals for specialty  practices.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Securely upload your lists of referred patients
  2. Automate texts to invite patients to schedule 
  3. Prompt patients to call to schedule an appointment or schedule directly online
  4. Experience the results: drive revenue to your practice and reduce manual work
Healthcare System

Make it work for the people doing the work.

Our smart, HIPAA-compliant Live Chat transforms patient communication on your website, portal, or mobile app – all while boosting your practice productivity


Generate more patient referrals 

Automate patient intake process

Reduce staff workload and administrative hassle of typing 

Digital Front Door

Our smart, HIPAA-compliant Live Chat transforms patient communication on your website, portal, or mobile app – all while boosting your practice productivity


Generate more patient appointments & Boost Patient Satisfaction

Automate patient check-ins

Reduce staff workload and administrative hassle

Patient Management System

We help bring your specialty care to your patient's living room

Virtual Care Platform for Specialists offers improved care access with integrated virtual preventative care, remote patient monitoring, and on-demand telemedicine.


Schedule on-demand TeleMedicine

Deliver virtual preventative care on-demand

Generate new revenues from remote patient monitoring

Steer Health Patient communication Workflow


Amazing Features

Check out the set of awesome features and tools of our referral management system. We are the industry leaders in providing quality tools, trusted and used by over 1,200 companies. We kind of rock!


Enable patients to book online

Appointment Reminders

Automate all consultation reminders

Secure Messaging

Keep all communications in one page

Mobile Check-in

Offer contactless registration


Provide virtual care for patients

Waiting Room Management

Create medical virtual waiting rooms

Revenue & Retention

Annual Unique Patients #

*Dollar Value Of Each Patient

**% New Patient Revenue

**% Current Patient Retained

Additional New Patient Revenue

Additional Retained Patient Revenue

Total New Revenue

Without Virtual Care








With Virtual Care









See what others are saying

Nick Carpenter
Nick CarpenterPractice Administrator
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"Since switching to Steer, our customer satisfaction score has risen from 63% to 95% and we've reduced our average response time from 2 hours to under 2 minutes"
Michelle Laminer
Michelle LaminerPractice Manager
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"The ability to see the entire teams workflow and collaborate behind the scenes creates a better experience for the user and the team."
Ashok Goli
Ashok GoliCMO
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"Without Steer, we would not be able to support our patients in real-time with the efficiency that we do now. The integration with our EHR makes the process seamless for our providers and pateints."

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