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Steer Health is an AI-powered growth and automation platform for healthcare organizations. We provide automation and AI to simplify critical processes, reduce administrative overhead, and improve patient engagement and communication. Use Steer’s plug-and-play suite to attract, engage and retain your patients and enhance the patient experience from acquisition to loyalty. Learn more here:
Steer Health suits a large variety of health organizations, from hospitals, surgical centers, and urgent care centers to medical groups and MedSpas. Healthcare organizations can choose the tools that best meet their goals, such as providing complete visibility into the patient journey, increasing patient satisfaction, driving revenue growth, and increasing staff and provider satisfaction.
  •  Patients aren’t able to find or easily engage with your practice
  • Low or insufficient number of reviews on Google and review platforms
  • Non-modernized website disengages patients and leaves an unprofessional impression
  • A high number of inbound calls and messages block communication channels and staff resources
  • Unscalable, inefficient call handling
  • Slow response time to patient requests and long wait times for patients
  • Difficulty in building patient loyalty and trust due to the high volume of patients
  • Poor communication happening between patients and staff due to limited time
  • Inconsistency: lack of connected data leading to care gaps
  • Data Security: third parties and marketing platforms sharing PHI
  • Overwhelmed staff: many mundane tasks keep staff busy
  • High costs of care reduce revenue margins
  • Lack of personalized and attentive care due to limited resources
  • Patients lost during the transition of care and discharge due to ineffective after-care
  • Negative health outcomes for patients due to lack of communication and engagement
  • Poor planning of appointments and resources leads to missed revenue opportunities
  • Unsustainable no-show rates
  • Unsatisfied patients and low HCAHPS
  • Patients migrate to competitors and retail healthcare providers
Steer Health focuses on simplifying patient management and growing your practice without taking ownership out of your hands. Our most important goal is customer success and happy clients, making us the most patient-centric as well as the most customer-centric provider of patient engagement and automation platforms. We work closely together with hospitals and medical groups to constantly enhance our products, making our tools to most innovative solutions in the current marketplace while directly addressing health leaders’ unique needs.
We’ve actually found that administrative staff, nurses, and physicians are our most enthusiastic users. It helps them make their jobs easier, focus on delivering better care and reduce their stress levels significantly. Staff often refers to Steer Health as their co-pilot.

1. Provide your workflows and current technology stack to the Steer team.

2. We set up and configure the app based on your workflows of pre-care, point-of-care, and post-care.
3. Staff can now log in to manage their appointments and utilize 2-way patient communications.
4. Enjoy smoother processes while the Steer system automates reminders, virtual check-ins, rescheduled/cancelation requests, patient surveys, and more.
5. View PX insights, reputation metrics, and growth analytics on an ongoing basis and make decisions accordingly.
6. Reward your staff and patients with the extra time you get after automating all the manual work.

From the start of our discussions to full commissioning, we need an average of only 4 weeks.
Steer requires a maximum of 10-15 hours from the appointed point of contact to coordinate and help us decide the custom workflows (pre-care, point of care, and post-care) along with integrations needs, if any. With that input and consistent feedback, we can deliver faster, more focused solutions and more effective outcomes.
All you need is willing staff members who want to deliver the highest quality of care to their patients
If you already use tools like EHR, appointment schedulers, or patient engagement tools, we’ll integrate Steer around your existing landscape or buy out your contract if needed. All information and workflows will be connected, integrated, and made available immediately.
Steer connects to your EHR to receive appointment data and automates all workflows from there. Steer interacts with the EHR to exchange the appointment and patient data securely (HIPAA compliant) and perform all other tasks.
Often, EHRs cannot perform the same number of functions required to grow and leverage automation. Most EHRs cannot reschedule requests and cancellations, send personalized reminders, and improve PX and online reputation. With our sole mission to enhance healthcare organizations grow their practice and enhance patient experiences via automation, we are constantly enhancing functions and delivering more accurate, faster, and better services.
Contact the central support line and a team that works almost 24/7. Next to technical support, our customer success team will ensure that your strategic goals are achieved as well.
Steer Health is an all-in-one system that does not share patient data with third parties or systems. This means it is more robust against phishing, unauthorized data sharing, and data leaks. We also protect our data with the latest encryption standards and cybersecurity measures available on the market to ensure the security of patient data and business data.

Our small-practice options start at a low retainer. We offer flexible pricing to ensure we meet your special needs. Book a call, and we can assess the best pricing model for you.

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