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Collect More with Online Patient Billing

Patient Billing

Our digital patient payment and patient billing solutions engage patients early, deliver a simple and secure experience that improves your financial performance.

400 %

increase in online payment volume

11 %

increase in average monthly patient payment volume

65 %

reductions in collection costs

Personalize the Payments
Journey for Your Patients

Build Patient Loyalty at Every Step of the Patient Journey

Bank payement
payement reminder

Drive Patient Action Through Intelligent Digital Nurturing

Engage Patients With a Smarter Bill

secure payement

Personalize the Patient Financial Experience

What patients want and how patients want it are not the same. 82% of consumers want to make all of their healthcare payments in one place. However, that “same place” is not the same for every patient. Create a user-friendly healthcare payments experience that guides patients along unique journeys that lead to the same end goal: getting you paid.


Enable patients to book online

Mobile Check-in

Offer contactless registration

Appointment Reminders

Automate all consultation reminders


Provide virtual care for patients

Secure Messaging

Keep all communications in one page

Waiting Room Management

Create medical virtual waiting rooms

Steer Heatlh Customized Primary Care Systems increase patient retention and satisfaction with a centralized point of access for a better patient experience.

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