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Transform Patient Experiences Into Fuel for Growth  

Steer Health is the leading platform for enhancing the patient experience from acquisition to loyalty. Our platform offers a powerful suite of tools designed specifically for the unique challenges of healthcare and the clinicians who use them.

Steer Health enables digital patient experiences across all care settings and delivers intelligent, personalized experiences that drive practice growth and lead to stellar patient satisfaction.

Powering the Next Generation of Care Experiences

The traditional patient journey is broken

Unlock the Potential of Personalized Patient Journeys Today.

Patients don't longer accept long wait times, poorly coordinated scheduling, and convoluted administration & communication. Transform broken journeys into stellar patient experiences.

Consumers expect providers to be easy to do business with. Meet patient expectations via a modern website, enhanced search performance, and responsive & intuitive design.

Discover how to deliver simpler, more convenient, and human-centric experiences while counteracting staffing shortages, clinician burnout, and employee disengagement.

Patients are the new market makers

PX makes organizations fail or succeed in 2023

Seven out of ten US patients consider switching to a different healthcare provider that offers more appealing services and, thus, a better Patient Experience.

Learn how to move from a reactive to a proactive and personalized digital-first model to drive patient loyalty and trust.


The New State of Patient Experiences Report: 2023 & Beyond