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Digital-First Inpatient Experiences With Steer Concierge

Busy schedules, urgent care requests, and long paper trails? Get Steer Concierge, the new tool for enhancing inpatient experiences to: 

Digital-First Inpatient Experiences With Steer Concierge

Busy schedules, urgent care requests, and long paper trails make it difficult to keep track of patients’ needs.

Personalize inpatient care, reduce hospital rounds, and handle patient requests immediately all while reducing your workload, with Digital Concierge Healthcare.

Patient Experiences matter more than ever.

You can’t attend to your patients’ needs? They’ll find a competitor that can. According to Beryl Institute, patient experiences can make or break a hospital’s business.


of Beryl Institute’s survey respondents said that having a good patient experience is extremely or very important to them.


said a good patient experience contributes positively to health outcomes.

Let Concierge Healthcare Can Generate High Impact for Your Hospital

“We are excited to see the benefits of the Steer Concierge platform across our health system. Our decision to integrate this advanced technology reflects our commitment to delivering top-notch patient experiences and achieving excellence in healthcare outcomes.”

Amy Searls

Chief Experience Officer at Prime Healthcare

Empower Your Patients & Drive Their Satisfaction

A hospital stay can be a scary time for patients, making them crave personalized care and immediate attention. Steer Concierge Services helps your patients express their needs to staff without having to wait for manual hospital rounds.


Provide your patients with a more engaging experience and help them find answers to their pressing questions with Steer Concierge Healthcare.

Reduce Burden on Nurses & Hospital Staff

Caring for patients and following up on patient visits manually takes up a lot of time and increases pressure on staff. Deliver personalized care with digital concierge services while helping staff meet patients’ needs more quickly and under less stress.

Get Valuable Insights Into Inpatient Care Settings

Gain a deeper understanding of your patients’ feedback and discover gaps and opportunities in the inpatient experience. With Steer Concierge’s data analytics, you can learn from mistakes and create even better patient experiences – fostering a positive memory about your care facility with patients and their families.

Steer Health's New State of Patient Experience Report

The New PX Report is here, explaining new trends, insights, and learnings on how health organizations can tackle new patient demands. Learn also how we’re helping health systems achieve an +1980% increase in reviews and +52% in ratings.

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