What's behind the digital front door?

Join Steer’s webinar and learn how to unify your organization’s digital experience.

Healthcare organizations are in the midst of a digital transformation to provide a digital experience for their patients and simplify workflows for their staff.

But digital tools can achieve a lot more – if used correctly.

In our webinar, experienced transformation experts explain how to create a unified digital front door that not only improves the patient experience but also drives more revenue.

With Valerie Choniuk, National Director of Patient Experience at Agilon Health and Joe Diver, CIO and Digital Health Strategist at Holyoke Medical Center.

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For this discussion we’ve invited digital transformations leaders that have helped multiple healthcare organizations improve their care and enhance their success.

Valerie Choniuk

National Director of Patient Experience
Agilon Health

Joe Diver

CIO and Digital Health Strategist
Holyoke Medical Center

Vinnie Sharma

Digital Health Advisor
Healthcare Management Advisors

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